""Why Organic?" "

Why Organic?

Organically grown food has a wealth to offer the body and the planet. Organic food has more vitamins, minerals and nutrients than conventional food and no harmful chemicals, pesticides or toxins that when ingested can damage the immune system and nervous system. Choosing organic is important as the amount of pesticides and chemicals being used in commercial farming continues to rise, contaminating the air, earth and water as well as our bodies.

 A 12 year study concluded that organic food has a far higher mineral and trace mineral content and also contains more iron, potassium, magnesium and calcium than conventional produce. Spinach was found to contain up to 78% more vitamin C than conventional spinach. Organic crops proved to have a dry weight of 69-96% more than conventional crops proving they held a higher food value content. Organic crops also have been proven to have a far lower toxic trace of aluminum, lead and mercury, all of which are harmful when ingested.

We believe in offering you 100% organic products that you can trust and enjoy knowing you are not filling your body with any harmful chemicals or pesticides. While organic food is more expensive, we know that your body and health is worth the added expense and the investment will come back multiplied a hundred fold. It may mean our prices are a dollar or so above what you see elsewhere, but the quality of what we are sharing is above and beyond.